Shower Screens Mirrors Robes Splashbacks

At Ikon Glass we custom make glass splashbacks to the highest standard. Glass is durable, practical, easy to clean and will add a luxurious look to your home.

Each splashback is measured by our skilled tradesman ensuring we achieve the perfect fit. Cut out for power points and range hoods are important considerations when designing your new splashback. Our professional team will ensure you get a quality finish.

Our high quality glass splashbacks are made in our state of the art manufacture facility right here in Western Australia.

What temperature can toughened glass withstand?

Toughened glass heat resistance is four to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same size and thickness against impact. Toughened glass has a higher thermal strength, and it can withstand high temperature changes, up to 250°C. Toughened glass is considered as safety glass.


  • Painted glass splashbacks must be kept clean and free from surface contaminant build up.
  • General household cleaners recommended for glass, are suitable as cleaning agents.
  • Sponges, chamois and soft cloths may be used, but must be rinsed regularly to remove any foreign particles that could scratch, or mark the glass surface.
  • Products similar to steel wool, scourer pads etc. must not be used in any circumstance, as they will permanently damage the product surface.


  • Painted glass splashback products supplied and installed by Ikon Glass, have a 2 year Warranty from the date of manufacturing, covering paint fade, peeling, cracking or bubbling of the painted finish. Any immediate visual defects in glass, must be reported within 48 hours of installation, to comply with the Warranty.
  • Weathering: The paint is reasonably resistant to handling and cleaning, but may be affected by acids and other pollutants present in the atmosphere.
  • Avoid direct heat transfer, as the Splashback paint can be burnt/scorched. This is not covered by the Warranty.
  • Any defects are subject to the Visual Defects Inspection Clause.
  • This Warranty only provides for the free-of-charge replacement of the product, and accepts no liability for personal injury, loss, claims, property damage, labour, materials or other costs, however caused, or arising, and whether direct, or indirect.

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