Tips on Choosing the Right Glass Splashback for Your Renovation
When it comes to glass splashbacks have them installed by a professional.

Glass splashbacks are heavy and difficult to transport and carry, and if not handled correctly may break making it a costly DIY project.

Glass splashbacks are easy to clean when compared to grout and tiles, especially close to the cook top where oil can make a mess.

When choosing your splashback, take into consideration the location of power points. To ensure you maximise the clean lines finish of glass, try to keep power points to side walls where possible.

Ensure the splashback comply with the Australian Standard. It is recommended that the splashback is installed at least 50mm from the cooktop or cooking utensil to prevent the chance of burning the paint.

Counter tops and overhead cupboards to be completed before a glass splashback can be measured. This is to ensure you get a millimetre perfect fit.

With a huge range of colours ensure you choose one to complement the counter tops and cupboards.

If installing lighting to overhead cabinets, consider a metallic paint to get a Hollywood sparkle when lit.

Consider a Digital Printed Glass Splashback to make your renovation come to life.